We deliver an experience, not just a service...

At Impetus Services, we believe in tailoring an experience for you, or your staff, or your audience. 

Our core values dictate the type of work we do, the type of work we say "Yes" to, and the type of work that makes a positive impact. 

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been on top of our list. Hence, we are proudly supporting Beat Bullying With Confidence Foundation.

You can choose from a suite of services:

· Professional Speaking:

*    Corporate Keynotes

*   Guest Speeches at Conferences

*   Presentations in the workplace.

· MC (Master Of Ceremony):

*    Weddings

*    Award Nights

*    Fund Raisers

*   Conferences

*   Corporate Events 

· Staff Development Training (in the areas of):

                       *   Effective Communication Skills.

                       *   360 Degrees Feedback

                      *   Time Management

                      *   Avoiding Burnout At Work

                      *  Embracing Diversity In The Workplace. 

· Coaching: 

                        *   Executive Coaching

                       *   Life Coaching

                      *   Public Speaking Coaching.

Our work funds the vital role of supporting kids at school who are getting bullied. When you hire our services, here is an example of what you allow us to passionately do more of - https://goo.gl/hgCMos

Once again, we don't just deliver a service, we deliver an experience...

When will you experience our difference?

Influencing you towards your excellence,

Ron Prasad (Author, Speaker, MC, Staff Development Trainer)

Melbourne, Australia




 Quote of the week:




“Too many people overvalue what they are not, and undervalue what they are”.

Malcolm Forbes Jr



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