How will coaching benefit me?

Coaching is designed to enable to you realise what is important to you, and how you can get more of it. This is applicable to your personal life, as well as your professional life.

You will be guided in finding out more about what gives you meaning to your heart when you do it, and you will be working with me to devise strategies on how to get more of that.

You will be truly connecting with your highest values, and then we will set goals together which are aligned with your values. Once your goals have been set, we will put action plans in place. It is all about "Planning your work, and working your plan!"

In Executive Coaching, your values will be aligned with that of the organisation, and then we will put in place a plan to achieve the goals of the organisation. The staff of the organisation will also benefit from gaining clarity on the values of the organisation.

Then, I will be your ‘Accountability Buddy’ who will hold you accountable to your action steps, which will lead you towards your goals.

Together, we will keep taking the steps which will give you take you towards fulfilment.

You will get your thrills from celebrating with me, once you achieve a goal that we have set together!

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