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Gone are the days when a motivational speaker did the job. In this age of technology and rapid change, an audience wants a speaker to give them practical tips that can be applied to become more productive in personal and professional lives. 

Can you imagine if you hired a speaker or a presenter who knew little or nothing about what the outcome of the speaking event should be for you, and your audience?  What if they totally failed to deliver, and your audience lost their faith, not only in the speaker, but in you and your organisation?

As you can see, it is absolutely integral to select a speaker who will deliver, not only for you, for your audience as well! Having the ‘correct fit’ speaker guarantees that your message will not be lost by the time it goes from you to the speaker, and from the speaker to your audience.  Will your next speaker give your audience the ‘Call to Action’ that you want your audience to take?  Will your next speaker assure you that your audience will be uplifted to act on what you have asked them to?  Will your next speaker be the ‘Master of Influence’ that you so deeply desire for your audience?

Whom would you trust to engage, inform, energise, and entertain your audience?  

Here is some feedback from the people who have attended my speaking engagements:

"Very informative, just what I needed. I will put into place short and long term goals."
"Most enlightening and encouraging."
"I thought that Ron was very informative and he helped me open my eyes to what actions I need to take to advance myself."
"Ron made me think about my dreams and goals, which I feel are achieveable."
"It was really motivating, and I learnt, never to give up."
"It was worthwhile spending time with Ron, this speech was very helpful."
"The speech was well structured, and it gave me instructions for successful living, how to develop myself and understand myself."

Let me help you, to help others!

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