Ron is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher. He worked on my strengths and opportunities. I am now approaching problems as opportunities. I am delighted by the services provided by Ron.
Dr Graeme Smith (CEO & Order of Australia Medal)

It has really given me a boost since starting the coaching sessions with Ron. I follow through on all aspects that we discuss. The way in which Ron has helped me get into a more positive state has helped a lot. Also, my confidence has now outweighed my doubts. Thank you Ron!

Matthew Gale (professional cricketer)

I was a client of Impetus Success Australia for 3 months , and I am turning my life around for the better in the areas of relationships, career and personal growth. Ron's unique gift as a Life Coach and Motivator influenced me to learn more about myself and my abilities. He supported me in times when I was searching for direction in life. Ron deserves recognition for the professional manner in which he has served me.
Anthony Srikantha
Policy Analyst (Australian Federal Government)
Over the past 8 sessions, we have worked together to provide a greater sense of clarity, direction, determination and accountability in each of the key areas of my life and may I be the first one to say, we have achieved extraordinary results already in ALL of these areas.

The work you have put in to create my “goals and vision” has given me a great sense of direction and an invigorated sense of determination in both my professional and personal life.

My relationships with the dearest people in my life have become rejuvenated and strengthened. This is and continues to be an incredibly exciting time for me. The strength of my business and my certainty about my role in that business has also dramatically increased.

Your weekly reports, your insights, references, books and helpfulness have all been great resources for me to carry out my transition from “good” to “downright outstanding!”
Kane Hammond (Managing Director, In Home Learning)
I have seen great positive changes and it is due to two things; 1. Training provided by Impetus Success Australia, and 2. How I have applied this training. Ron has taught me ideal ways to improve my life style. I needed clarity in my path for my goals and my motivation and determination needed it to be utilised to its fullest, this is what Ron has already provided for me on my third session. Having said this I don’t see my present/future goals as impossible anymore I see them as a challenge.

I definitely recommend this to others as I believe a lot of people in today’s society lack a lot of key aspects in their life which help them to achieve their goals no matter how big or small their goal is. Ron has opened up my eyes; I WAS one of those people whom lacked qualities and sense of direction in achieving my goals. I believe that Ron is the bridge to an individual’s goals and betterment of their life.
Kesh Nair (Information Technology Manager, Close The Loop)

It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. You will gain some wonderful insights into who you are and hopefully even like that person! You will be challenged to look at your values, your attitudes and behaviours and make changes that will positively affect your personal and work life. Ron’s inspiring sessions will set you on a path to find peace and happiness within. ‘Free to be me’. You will also gain a wonderful new friend in Ron.

Kate Hoelter (Development Manager, Lost Dogs' Home)

All Coaches have a Coach themselves. I have known Ron for quite a while and have had him a few times over the past 2 years when I needed Coaching for some clarity with issues in my life. He has grown in his field beyond anyone's expectations. He is the Coach, the guidance, the support and the Master Motivator you need when you need to make things really happen for you in your life. As he did for me!
Thanks Ronnie!
Jayson Mair (Life Coach, Integral Coaching Solutions)
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